WSG is a new gaming community hoping to connect streamers with fellow streamers for tips, advice, and exposure. We help promote gamers, offer suggestions for branding, and attempt to bring together a wealth of resources all in one place that will help you become a WORLDSTAR Gamer.  Take a look around our site and make yourself at home!

coinLogoWSG Forum:  Favorite game? Favorite bot? Most aggravating glitch? Tell us about it or join an ongoing discussion! Head on over to the WORLDSTAR Forum to connect with the WORLDSTAR Gaming Community.

WSG Featured:  We feature both games and gamers here at WORLDSTAR, so take a look at these titles and people worth giving a second look.

WSG Collections: Whether it's games, gamers, topics, etc., sometimes it's useful to have all the information you need all in one place.  The WSG Collections offer collections of feeds, links, and info that you can utilize to become a WORLDSTAR Gamer.

WSG Blog: Want to know if that latest game is worth the price?  Looking for some advice on how to grow, what the best setup may be, or what social media practices work best?  Are you interested in branding yourself as a gamer? WSG wants to help help.

WSG Future Additions:  As we continue to grow we will continue to add features and resources.  Keep an eye out to see what comes next from WSG!

Have a favorite game? Tell us about it or join an ongoing discussion! Head on over to the Worldstar Forum to connect with the Worldstar Gaming Community.

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