Meet BbysGotSkillz

Gamer, Twitch Streamer

Twitter: BbysGotSkillz
Twitch: BbysGotSkillz
Instagram: BbysGotSkillz

About BbysGotSkillz

Heya! I'm bbys! I am from the good ol state of Texas. I am mostly a destiny pvp streamer, with the occasional horror game! I'm currently only on PS4, but next month I will also be on XB1 and PC. I am here to bring good vibes, have a great time, and play video games! Come join and let's let the good times roll! If you have any questions for me feel free to ask!

Focus: Creative, Destiny PVP

Favorite Games: Destiny (PVP)

Console(s): PS4

Team(s)/Communities: The Vibe Tribe, Safe Zone

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