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WORLDSTAR Collections are pages dedicated to bringing a bunch of different resources regarding a topic - outside and from within the WSG website - together into one easy to navigate collection. These collections consist of feeds (see below), WSG articles, WSG forum topics, and links to helpful resources around the web.

Consider this a resource hub for whatever you may be looking for, a section of the site that will continue to grow as topics are suggested and information is wrangled.

FEEDS: Social media is a powerful resource for many because of it's reach and potential, and for gamers it's no different.  Hashtags have dominated the social media market, creating a quick and easy way to connect with the topics they want and the audience they desire.  Here you'll find some popular feeds of those topics that you can utilize for information and promotion, all in one convenient location.


Trending Topics & Useful Resources

Worldstar Gaming

Information about and from our Worldstar community.

Twitch Streaming

Are you a Twitch streamer? This is the place for you.

YouTube Streaming

Posts and resources about YouTube Streaming & Gaming.


Information about the Steam (PC) platform and games.


Information about the Microsoft Xbox platform and games.


Information about the Sony Playstation platform and games.

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