Future Featured WORLDSTAR Gamers

Getting viewers and followers is the ultimate goal of any streamer, and it's that fan base that will help gamers establish themselves as a public persona - one to be honored and revered on the digital battlefield.

WSG wants to help make you a WORLDSTAR Gamer by offering another resource to get your name out there. As a Featured WORLDSTAR Gamer, you've got another weapon in your arsenal in taking over the gaming world and we couldn't be happier to offer you this opportunity.

Feature Request

Name, nickname or gamertag - whatever you go by in the gaming world.

Optional, only if it is different from the name you provided above. Please specify which network.

If you stream on YouTube that is...

If you stream on Twitch that is...

Let us know! Do you have a schedule? What games do you play? Are you competitive or casual? What's the first thing you want viewers to know?

Tell us a little about yourself! Information/content will be used to help showcase you and your skills if you're chosen to be a Featured WORLDSTAR Gamer.

Optional, but it helps us know what we're doing right and where we can improve.

This section is also optional, but it will help us continue to bring you the most helpful and relevant information possible in the future.

What did we do right to get you here? If you were referred by someone, please let us know who so we can give them a big thank you!

Use this space to include anything (well.. almost anything) that the above questions didn't cover. Have a last ditch plea to get featured? Do it! Have a quick rant about your day? Go ahead and let it out! Seriously... this is just an extra area in case you needed it. 🙂

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