Joining the WSG Family

Thank you for your interest in being a WSG Guest Author! Below are a few additional details, as well as a contact form to let us know you're interested. Feel free to also use this form if you have any questions about becoming a Guest Author!

WHAT WE WANT:  We're looking for contributors who are interested in writing 300-800 word articles about... well... about whatever you want! (Gaming related of course.) Our current topics include but are not limited to: Game Reviews, Streaming Advice, Social Media Advice, and more!

Satire is welcome. Criticism is welcome. You can even write about a game already mentioned as long as it offers something different than the article(s) already published. If at any time there is a high volume of article submissions, some may be held over to space out posts so none get overlooked in the shuffle, but no posts will be rejected unless they meet the rejection criteria below.

WHAT YOU GET:  At this time, we cannot offer payment, but we can offer exposure. As a WSG Guest Author, you'll automatically be included as one of our featured gamers, all of your submitted articles will be credited to you and the page(s) will promote your channel(s) and social media.

EDITING:  All submitted articles will undergo brief editing for spelling, grammar, and if needed clarity. If any drastic changes to the article are needed, you'll be given the opportunity to approve of the changes before the article is published.

REJECTIONS: The only articles that will be flatout rejected are those that have nothing to do with the gaming community, those that are flatout inflammatory, and/or those that offer no constructive criticism or information in regards to the chosen topic. In other words, don't be a nasty little troll and you're golden.


Guest Author Request

Name, nickname or gamertag - whatever you go by in the gaming world.

If there is a way other than email that you'd like to us to use to contact you, let us know! (Example: Twitter - @TweetWorldStarG)

Check all that apply.

Max file size is 10 MB. It's not required to request to be a guest author, but if you've already got something thrown together, please feel free to submit it!

What did we do right to get you here? If you were referred by someone, please let us know who so we can give them a big thank you!

Use this space to include anything (well.. almost anything) that the above questions didn't cover. Seriously... this is just an extra area in case you needed it. 🙂

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