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Twitter: cosxcam
Twitch: cosxcam
YouTube: cosxcam

About cosxcam


I'm cosxcam but people call me Cos, I'm a very active Twitch streamer who loves to show support to other streamers!

My stream is all about getting to know each other, goofing around, and playing games that my viewers want to see.

Feel free to come by and check out my channel at, and if you like what I do, hit that follow button and join the cosX Fam.

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Wed - Fri: 6:30pm - 12am PST
Sat - Sun: Keep an eye on Twitter for Saturday and Sunday stream times

Focus: Variety

Favorite Games: So many games, so little time!

Console(s): Xbox One, PC

Team(s)/Communities: Twitch Safe Zone

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