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Welcome to the home of WORLDSTAR Featured Games! Here you'll find information and opinions about the games we're playing - not just new games, but also oldies but goodies, obscure titles, betas. Whatever people are playing, we want to talk about it!

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From popular to obscure, old to new - if it's a game, it's welcome here at WORLDSTAR!

We write about what we're playing - whether it's the latest and greatest to hit the market, rediscovered classics that reek with nostalgia, or even random and refreshing indie titles that the masses don't know quite about yet.

No game is safe from the likes of WSG ramblings - PC, console, handheld - and we're always looking to offer up the experience of gamers just like you.

Thank you for your patience while we build our article library!

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The sole purpose of the articles on the WORLDSTAR website are to offer gamers the opportunity to share their experiences and opinions.  All articles are considered the intellectual property of their respective author and may or may not reflect the opinion of WORLDSTAR as a whole.

No articles are meant to be an insult to the game or its developers, simply a reflection of one player's experience which can be influenced by system configuration, internet connection, personal bias and more. 

WORLDSTAR GAMING and its authors are not associated with with the developers of any mentioned games (unless clearly stated) and are not paid by these companies/individuals for a review (again, unless otherwise stated).

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