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In their own words, Steam is "the ultimate entertainment platform" and really, most gamers agree including WORLDSTAR so of course we have to give it a home here. From how to get started, to where to find the latest news and more, WSG wants to put you in touch with the details you want to know!


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Where to Start

Below are the two most important Steam links WSG can offer - if you haven't already, go to them, bookmark them - you won't regret it!

The Steam Store

With a near endless supply of games from free to play indie titles to blockbuster hits everyone is scrambling for, the Steam store is the GO-TO for games.

The Steam Community

A community of over 100 million gamers, how's about that for a pool of people to chat and game with? Join the Steam Community and find new friends (or enemies) today!

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Feeds to Follow

If you live on Twitter, you'll benefit by bookmarking the hashtags below to keep up to date with the latest and greatest from Steam

#SteamNewRelease | #SteamEarlyAccess | #SteamDailyDeal | #SteamSale #SteamAwards | #SteamVideos | #SteamFreeWeekend

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